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Technical support

Our Technical Support is designed to ensure that issues and problems are dealt with professionally and effectively, where possible avoided through preventive maintenance.


As a team we continues to evolve to meet the changing requirements and expectations of our customers as well as the changing technologies found in our clients’ atmosphere.

Key features of our Service

Hardware Support:


Edustuffs provide computer maintenance and hardware support solutions to maximize the availability and performance of business critical systems. We partner with our clients by combining people, processes, and infrastructure to deliver cost-effective maintenance solutions, new hardware/accessories procurement that meet your specific requirements.


With help of our onsite engineer visits for maintenance-check helps to keep your systems running smoothly as well as enabling you to form a better working relationship also increase staff knowledge and reduced system downtime.

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Software Support

Need help finding the right software? We’re here to help you navigate the software licensing obstacle!


Whether you are looking for Educational (Curriculum) or Application software (MS Office, MS operating system, Server etc.), we have built a team of easily accessible educational experts who can give you valuable advice and guidance that will help you make the right decisions and navigate the software licensing minefield.


Edustuffs Private Limited has registered partner and have developed longstanding relationships with E-learning platform and curriculum providers across the country.

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